Influences and Reasoning

(Yes, That is quite a boring title as far as I go isn’t it :O )

Troy was indeed heavily influenced by the Iliad, but It is also very different. As I have explained in my second post, the target audience for the Iliad was an ancient Greek society who often told the story of the Iliad in exchange for food and drink for a night. The audience targeted for the film Troy however is the modern audience expected to pay a small fee in exchange for 3 hours entertainment. The influence of the Iliad on Troy thus must be restrained to an extent in order to satisfy a more romantic audience. The Iliad’s main influence on the film was the story of Helen, the face that began a war. That was the films main influence in terms of plot. The characters remain the same throughout both texts, despite altering their personalities and the events surrounding them. The modern influence on the film can be seen as the more dominant feature as relationships and emotion seem to be more focused upon in Troy, you can see this between Paris and Helen who are deeply in love so much as to blind Paris, and also between Achilles and Briseis in their “love” (sex) scene where a good 1:24 minutes was taken out of the film for the sake of this. .
Such love scenes however are necessary in order to express how deeply in love two people are in a film, or at least this is the modern perception of love these days. (I won’t go into a deep philosophical debate about my views on “love” today sorry ๐Ÿ˜€ ). And so I believe I have made it very clear how the Iliad has and has not influenced Troy through expression of idea’s, characters and plot throughout my many posts.

But wait there’s more! (to discuss)
Peterson has made plenty of minor and major differences to the events of the Iliad. Although these are largely affected by theme, other factors must be taken into consideration for you to really understand his intentions, These are just some of few that I have come up with. Budget, This is one of the causes I think that has caused Peterson to hinder the length and density of his film from 24 poetic books and 10 years of battle history into 3 hours of solid film. There is simply too much to cover in the Iliad for Peterson to make a full film covering all of it. Peterson also shrunk the entire Trojan war from 10 years to 18 days in total. Budget is money, and without money you can’t pay workers and without workers, there is no film. So by spending more time filming small events unlikely to draw the plot line away more money is lost where it need not be. Troy’s budget was 177 million dollars and made a box office total of 497 million dollars, making it a very successful film.

You can see here how real-world factors are very relevant when it comes to the filming industry. The film could not of happened without money, and that money would be wasted without an appropriate audience targeted. That sums up this post (for now), until next time ๐Ÿ˜€

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