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And there back up! Yes folks that’s right! Two time winner of the global classical world tournament Homer the poet is back up and wild for some payback! And in the right corner we have the amazing, the astounding, the clinically stable, we have Woooolfgannng Petersoooonnn!!!!!!!!!!

Me being strange

Ok, So I said earlier that I wouldn’t post any more bizarre acts of humor, Well, this is more outrageous than bizarre if you ask me. But yes, It is time for the end of this long series of large text blocks, and It is time to do my final sum up. The Iliad and Troy are two very different texts, however, although with many differences, ideas and relationships between characters still linger in the modern interpretation of the classical epic. The modern film Troy has stuck to the basic goals and ideas of the Iliad however bringing with it brand new themes and ideas and emphasizing on the love and wrath shared between different characters. They were two texts written for different audiences, and thus a change in plot, removal of divine intervention and emphasis on empathy is necessary in order to satisfy a more modern audience. I hope that I have kept you entertained whilst indulging my blog. And I hope that the magic that is classics has once again revitalized every single cell in your body 😀 ! ….(ALL OF THEM)….

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