“Recognition of limitations of sources of evidence”

I’ve written too much to be any more creative then that, So there you go ‘o’ majestic reader of the internet!

If the title didn’t explain itself, READ IT AGAIN. But yes, this post is where I must recognize the limitations I am faced with when searching for evidence. “I, Joshua Paul Jackson, Hereby recognize the limitations of my sources of evidence!” …Not what you were looking for? Ok, I’ll get serious now then. I’ll start with the Iliad. The Iliad is an epic text kept stored in the ancient manuscripts of Greek history. One major restriction I am faced with because of this, is actually acquiring a copy of these original texts, and even then, I do not speak the Homeric Greek language the text was written in. Because of this, I am forced to rely on the translation of others and their various interpretations of the Iliad. This limits me to the point where I cannot directly quote the Iliad rather I must quote the English translation of it provided by someone else instead. (I have obtained said translation from the following website thus far “http://www.theoi.com/“). So that’s that one out of the way. It is also limiting in that Homeric Greek is an ancient language and to understand Homer’s particular dialect of said language must take years of practice and so even the most experienced of translators may still make minor mistakes.

Now I move on to the film Troy. The key limitation I can think of here is that, I do not actually have a copy of the film. This means that I have to rely on my first viewing and the deep analysis of many other websites. Now I’m not saying I’ve copied these, but rather I’ve based my perspective upon those of many other viewers of the film. However, I am not completely without evidence, the video upload site “Youtube” has indeed provided me with various links to snippets of the film be it not the whole 3 hours. So I have been able to base my evidence from direct links to the film as well as my first viewing.

That sums up this post! Until next time 😀

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