Aren’t you a clever internet browser? You clicked the about button! Well, Seeing as you took the liberty of clicking it, I’ll return the favor and tell you about my blog.

The soul purpose of this blog is to pass a level two NCEA Achievement standard in classical studies. I am a high school student at Shirley boys high school, and currently am the student of the greatest classics teacher in existence. Mr.Awesomenism Houghton himself! This blog contains my opinion on the difference between Troy and the Iliad, and that’s that, but what I say and do I guarrentee will be different to that of my peers. Seriously? How many students actually enjoy writing “Buk’Bugark’Buk bukbuk’Bugark!” as their header? And how many put silhouettes of chickens behind their cover photo? I don’t think I’ll need to say anything else about my blog now, If you are looking for the bibliography then click bibliography up the top, otherwise, i encourage you to return to the home page and read my blog!

As of the end of my blog (Conclusion), There is 6590 words in total! Isn’t it wonderful?!


One Response to About

  1. Josh Jackson says:

    If anyone is wondering I got excellence on this assignment which is the highest awarded grade, I don’t expect my praising of Mr Houghton altered that all did it now 😉 ?

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